• Are you setting up home for the first time?
  • Has your washer broken down and you can’t afford to replace it?
  • Do you need unwanted furniture collected by a reliable local charity?

Refurnish shop at ThorneBrrrrr! It’s a cold Spring day, the bills are piling in and we’re wishing we hadn’t spent quite so much at Christmas and in the New Year Sales. And just when we really don’t need it to happen, the washing machine or some other piece of kit packs up on us. Or perhaps we’re setting up home for the first time. Whoever thought we’d need so many essentials and that they’d be so pricey?

All is not lost! Take a trip to Doncaster Re-Furnish in Stonegate in Thorne.

Doncaster Re-Furnish is a successful social enterprise and registered charity that collects, restores and sells furniture and electrical goods. All stuff that might otherwise end up as environmentally damaging waste. Plus they offer carefully selected and great value new items as well. Since Doncaster Re-Furnish first opened their doors in 2003, they have:

  • Collected 74,000 items of furniture and electrical appliances from over 33,000 households
  • Supplied these goods to over 8,000 families in need
  • Saved 2326 tonnes of household items from being "wasted" and buried in local landfill sites
  • Provided volunteering, training and work placement opportunities to 420 people

So the message is if you’re looking for a low cost replacement or new item give them a call. And remember - if you have something for which you no longer have a use, don’t dump it……donate it!

Disposing of your unwanted items couldn’t be easier - all it takes is a phone call. To arrange collection of unwanted household items and furniture please ring Re-Furnish on 01302 736000.

So people all over Doncaster might be able tore-use your unwanted household items. Not only that, but at affordable prices too! Go “green” by minimising your carbon footprint and at the same time help local people in need who will put your items to good re-use. How good is that?

Please visit www.refurnish.co.uk  for further details.